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¾ False Gods Þ I was there the day that Horus fell The opening trilogy of the Horus Heresy is still one of the best parts of the saga, and re reading it after ten years is still a blast My knowledge of Warhammer 40000 lore grown a lot in this time, and knowing now what is going to happen to characters in their future adds a lot of pleasure and entertainment to the reading Graham McNeill À Kharn, Magnus, Fabius, Angron, Lucius and so on I m so happy this is not just a list of names for me view spoiler And if you read Graham McNeill s Storm of Iron you know that the mighty Dies Irae is going to became a Chaos Titan and breach open the gates of the Emperor s palace in the Siege of Terra The battle against the plague zombies and Nurgleth Nurgle plaguebearer µ read Ö False Gods by Graham McNeill ë ¾ False Gods ¾ Science and religion collide breaking friendships and brotherhoods alike This is a reread of the Horus Heresy series I ve been slowly buying the Premium edition hardback books So given this, I wanted to mention how beautiful the embossed cover is under the dust jack It portrays the image you can see on the cover picture Rather neat Black Library has also added four images per novel, that pertain to a particular scene in the novel The thing is, there very cartoonish I m not a fan of Karl Richardson s art style Personally I think given the Gothic setting, they need to bring in H R Giger muchsuited to my own tastes Failing that the brilliant Alan Merrett but he has moved on to better things The style just loses tone and connection to the words Now I m done with the Yogi BearIt s because I m smarter than the µ read Ö False Gods by Graham McNeill ë

False Gods ✓ Still not sure if this book is better or worse than first one but it s still a bloody good fun Writing in this book is notch bellow first one So far I got the impression that Abnett is better writer than McNeil, his dialogs and characters whereenjoyable On the other hand story in this book is at muchinteresting place Horus rising wasof prolog while this book deals with events that lead to Horus becoming aligned with Chaos and starts setting the stage for the main events and great civil war to follow We finally get to learnabout gods of chaos, emperor and see how deep corruption has spread through Imperium Again there are some well written fights and I especially liked how adequately disgusting are descriptions of Nurgle s God of death, decay and disease forces Warning don t read that part before meal Graham McNeill ✓ µ read Ö False Gods by Graham McNeill ë ☆ False Gods ☆ Of all the books on the Warhammer 40K universe, the Horus Heresy series ranks among the best out there Book Two follows in the tour de force style of the first volume The infamous events of the fall of the Warmaster continues After the events of the first book and the corrupted evil sword was stolen, by Erebus, and caused a war between the Interrex and the Imperium The events surrounding Jubal the Space Marine that was possessed are causing people to begin to view the Emperor as a God The Divine Cult of the Emperor begins to form Graham McNeill Ñ This story has Horus and his Legion going back to Davin This is the world where the Sons of Horus established Imperial control But now the Imperial Commander Temba has rebelled The Sons of Horus are sent to deal with this unheard of treachery During the events of the battle Horus µ read Ö False Gods by Graham McNeill ë ê False Gods ê Lots of filler n shit in this one, but there was some fun action and it s hard to not have fun in a universe as motherfucking over the top as 40k s More to come if and when I feel like writing about 40k stuff, which will probably be never because I already have an obscene backlog Graham McNeill ê µ read Ö False Gods by Graham McNeill ë ☆ False Gods ☆ Well shit, that escalated fast I knew it was coming, but Horus went from a likable hero to a first rate douche bag in a couple hundred pages All I have to say is Torgaddon better not die in the next book he s my favorite Graham McNeill Á µ read Ö False Gods by Graham McNeill ë ↠´ False Gods ☆ I was there the day that Horus fellThe Great Crusade continues Warmaster Horus and his newly renamed Legion, the Sons of Horus and the other member of 63rd expedition continues to lead the war to ensure the destiny of mankind to be the ruler of the galaxy The primarch is alone and without the guidance of the emperor the forces unknown to them is watching Graham McNeill ↠´ False Gods is a personal story about Horus and the Astartes of the Sons of Horus Luna Wolves To the doubting Horus and slow buildup on turning, the secretly founding of the worship of the emperor in the expedition and the conspiracy to what happen to Horus in the end This book is really well written and easy to follow even if the reader is not as in dept on the Warhammer franchise Graham McNeill ↠´ µ read Ö False Gods by Graham McNeill ë Ð False Gods Å Well this was a major step down from the first book in the Horus Heresy series In Horus Rising , Dan Abnett did his best to set up the psychology of the main characters in the saga, making me think that Horus monumental decision to take down the Emperor would be based on some kind of internal conflict, and drama, and shades of grey issues of morality It also made me very curious to see how will he get to that point Unfortunately, all my high hopes were quickly dispersed when Graham McNeill took over, and delivered a book that is straight up pulp space action, without any pretenses at serious work of writing, with extremely simplified plot, and characters that are thinner than their own cardboard cutouts Graham McNeill ¸ Now this is not very surprising when we talk about Warhammer 40k novel µ read Ö False Gods by Graham McNeill ë The Human Imperium Stands At Its Height Of Glory Thousands Of Worlds Have Been Brought To Heel By The Conquering Armies Of Mankind At The Peak Of His Powers, Warmaster Horus Wields Absolute Control But Can Even He Resist The Corrupting Whispers Of Chaos á False Gods á This is the second in the Horus Heresy series from Black Library The blurb from the back is as follows The Great Crusade that has taken humanity into the stars continues The Emperor of Mankind has handed the reins of command to his favoured son, the Warmaster Horus Yet all is not well in the armies of the Imperium Horus is still battling against the jealousy and resentment of his brother primarchs and, when he is injured in combat on the planet Davin, he must also battle his inner daemons With all the temptations that Chaos has to offer, can the weakened Horus resist The fate of the galaxy now rests in the simple choice of one man loyalty or heresy The Horus Heresy sequence is extremely interesting in that each book is written by a different author in the first book Dan Abnett laid out the foundation for the tale that Graham McNeill continues Part of the fun in reading this book came µ read Ö False Gods by Graham McNeill ë

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