¿ The Wizards Scroll - Issue 1 Î Download by â D.J. Chadwick

The Wizard S Scroll Is A New Swords Wizardry FanzineWithin You Will Find All Manner Of Excellent Gaming Material By Some Truly Creative Fans Of The Game Races The Testudo Tortoise Men And RatfolkA Spell Binding FamiliarsAn NPC For Carcosa Monsters The Skin Bag, Lightning Monk, Shield Guardian And The Abominable Beastman Magic Items Including Zum Kali S Ancient Sword Of Bone And The Claws Of Carcajou Adventures The Demon Shattered Tower Levels And The Bandit Caves Of Cyrus Blacknail Low Level A Fantastic Location The Wizard S TowerOptional Rules Critical Hits And Basic SkillsA Recipe How To Cook A HalflingSo Put On Your Reading Glasses If You Need Them And Settle Down In A Comfortable Chair For The Wizards Of The Scroll Have Cast An Arcane Ritual Of read Magic Enabling The Secrets Of The Scroll To Be read By All, For The Very First TimeSwords Wizardry, SW, WhiteBox, And Mythmere Games Are The Trademarks Of Matthew J Finch Seattle Hill Games Is Not Affiliated With Matthew J Finch Or Mythmere Games

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