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The Galaxy Is Burning The Emperor S Loyal Primarchs Prepare To Do Battle With Warmaster Horus And His Turncoat Legions On The Black Sand Of Isstvan Such Dark Times Herald New And Yet Terrible Things Still To Come, And When Astropath Kai Zulane Unwittingly Learns A Secret That Threatens To Tip The Balance Of The War, He Is Forced To Flee For His Life Alongside A Mysterious Band Of Renegades, He Plunges Into The Deadly Underworld Of Terra Itself, Hunted Like A Criminal By Those He Once Trusted In The Face Of Betrayal, Kai Must Decide Where His Own Loyalties Lie And Whether Some Truths Should Be Buried Forever ↠´ The Outcast Dead ↠´ I thought a book that looked into the world of Warhammer 30 40k Astropaths and Navigators would be fascinating It could have been I wanted it to be But this installment to the Horus Heresy series was a mess Some of the characters in this book were just inexplicable, or had backstories which really didn t make much sense The escape from the most secure prison on Terra don t even get me started on a what a dumb joke The was I think this book was only slightly better than Battle for the Abyss It is close, though, because while Battle for the Abyss was slow and plodding, it at least made some sense Graham McNeill ↠´ Trailer ↠´ The Outcast Dead PDF by ☆ Graham McNeill ✓ The Outcast Dead Å This book is a mess It feels like it was created to fill a slot in a release schedule and hurriedly thrown together to do so As a standalone book, it s a mess, as a link in the Heresey chain, it s a mess It s reliant on and references continuity frequently, but expects you to ignore what is perhaps the most epic continuity fail I ve seen in a novel series to date Graham McNeill × Lets get the smaller stuff out of the way first These paragraphs are independant bullet points dealing with different flaws Graham McNeill × Structurally, I have yet to figure out why it insists on switching to present tense when following one particular character There is no logic behind it Switching tense mid book is obnoxious, especially given that the character in question does not represent nowthan any other character Also, personally, I find present tense annoying, especially in long blocks Pick a tens Trailer ↠´ The Outcast Dead PDF by ☆ Graham McNeill ✓ The Outcast Dead è I d probably give it 4 Graham McNeill è 5 The story was interesting and many of the characters were really well developed There were a lot of editing issues that took me out of the book hence the deduction Graham McNeill è Trailer ↠´ The Outcast Dead PDF by ☆ Graham McNeill ↠´ The Outcast Dead ã Man this had a lot of very cool elements and was just such a good read Graham McNeill ä Trailer ↠´ The Outcast Dead PDF by ☆ Graham McNeill ä The Outcast Dead ↠´ This book was ok, but there were so many plot lines to follow, sometimes it felt like this book was searching for a one true story to tell and it couldn t make up it s mind Graham McNeill ê It was interesting to see the role the Emperor himself played in the events of the Heresy unfolding and how the psychic abilities and the Warp remain the underlying causes, bringing Magus s actions eveninto focus Graham McNeill ê An ok book, a necessity for continuing the series, but could have been better Graham McNeill ê Trailer ↠´ The Outcast Dead PDF by ☆ Graham McNeill  The Outcast Dead µ The Outcast Dead tells the story of the Heresy again But this time as seen from Terra Graham McNeill µ The story is divided in two parts the first part is mainly reiterating all the events from Isstvaan, and the horror from realization it provokes in the Imperial Palace Also in the first part we get a view on how things work in the City of Astropaths Graham McNeill µ The breaking point between the two parts is actually a temporal contradiction toward other books of McNeill It works for this story, but it can be seen as a serious retcon from previous stories At a forum where this issue was debated, McNeill s colleague Aaron Dembski Bowden defended the contradiction as The Warp Screws Shit Up And, well, okay, I m willing to go along with Trailer ↠´ The Outcast Dead PDF by ☆ Graham McNeill î The Outcast Dead Ø The Outcast Dead started out extremely slowly Though it was really interesting getting to see how the Heresy was effecting the Astropaths of the Imperium It was painfully slow at first, compared to the fast paced novels I am used to reading in the series, but despite that it was still an interesting read Switching from Roxanne, to Kai, to The Outcast Dead themselves kept the novel interesting The novel really picked up after Magnus s event on Terra Though the time frame of it is confusing, my Emperor has assured me it is resolved at a later date in the Audio drama Wolf Hunt Following The Outcast Dead and their adventures across Terra was great fun, and I love each and every character involved Particularly the Emperor s Children and Death Guard, as they made a wonderful, if not u Trailer ↠´ The Outcast Dead PDF by ☆ Graham McNeill ☆ The Outcast Dead ☆ When The Outcast Dead started I didn t think I d like this book that much I am not that familiar with looking at the outbreak of Horus betrayal from the perspective of the Navigators and the Astra Telepathica The story follows Kai Zulane who is an astropath Kai was aboard the Argos when it was caught up in a warp storm and he was the only survivor This is happening in the shadow of the first reports coming in to Terra about Horus treachery Lord Dorn has sent several Legions to Istvaan to reign in Horus and bring him to justice Little do they know that several of the Legions are Horus fellow traitors Graham McNeill Ñ In the meanwhile, it turns out that Kai might hold a terrible secret knowledge and now everyone wants what is in his head Escaping Imperial custody with a group of Astartes who belong to traitor Legions Sadly these Astartes had been on Terra for decades and the Trailer ↠´ The Outcast Dead PDF by ☆ Graham McNeill È The Outcast Dead Ô Does an excellent job of detailing how the Horus Heresy was viewed from the standpoint of those living on Terra the canon name of the Earth in the Warhammer 40k universe I found the cast of characters to be very well rounded My favorite being Babu Dhakal the living legend and relic of the Emperor s ascent and attempt to unify the people of Terra prior to the Great Crusade A good historical and canonical overview of the times Next to the god of Warhammer lore William King Graham McNeil is a close second Bravo Trailer ↠´ The Outcast Dead PDF by ☆ Graham McNeill

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