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The Bestselling Author Of The Killer Instincts Novels Knows How To Write Scorching Sexual TensionUSA TodayNow She Really Sets It On Fire In A New Series About Men And Women Living On The Edge Of Violence, Sex, And Life And DeathAfter A Devastating War Decimated Most Of The World, Hudson Lane Has Only Known The Oppressive Life Under Her Own Father S Tyranny She Finally Escapes, Branding Herself An Outlaw And Hunted By The Enforcers Her Best Chance At Survival Is Connor Mackenzie, An Aggressively Sensual Fugitive Who Opens Her Eyes To The Wicked Possibilities Of A World Without RulesAs The Leader Of A Band Of Outlaw Fighters, Connor Can T Resist The Beautiful Stranger Who Asks For His Protection Despite His Reservations, He Agrees To Introduce Her To A Whole New Way Of Life But When Connor Discovers Hudson S Connection To The Enemies Of Liberty, He Wonders How Far He Can Trust The Woman Who Has Abandoned All Inhibitions To Challenge Every Forbidden Desire É Claimed ☆ 5 MC Dystopian StarsClaimed is the first book in a new series called Outlaws Every book are standalones Elle Kennedy ò For those of you who love the Off Campus series, Elle Kennedy writes other genres She has the Killer Instinct series, which is suspenseful and filled with action I love and now is her newest BRAND NEW Outlaws series Elle Kennedy ò The BEST way I could describe this series is it s a mixture of MC motorcycle club AND dystopian society It s like mixing my two favorite flavors and believe me, it s an explosion in the mouth The world is in disarray and it s every man for himself There are two types of people The Enforcers and the Outlaws The Enforcers are like the police They are run by the society and not all of them are good well most of them aren t, they are dictated on how to act The Outlaws are the people not part of society and Connor is one of them They are th ¼ Claimed ✓ Download by º Elle Kennedy î Claimed ¾ Claimed is book one in the brand new series, Outlaws, by Elle Kennedy I have been admiring the cover of this book for awhile now, anxiously awaiting the book s release to see if the book lived up to the cover Well, let me go ahead and tell you now, it did There was a terrible war, and the world was forever changed A new society was formed and is led by the Global Council All classes are eliminated there is just the regular people, and the council and enforcers that enforce the rules You have no freedom of choice, all decisions are made for you Hudson Lane has been raised in such a society Her father is the one who formed it She has never known anything different, until her father died Her twin brother is now in charge But he s changed He s become angry and malicious And the day he presented her with a marriage contract, first drawn up by he ¼ Claimed ✓ Download by º Elle Kennedy ñ Claimed ✓ Find all of my reviews at StarsIn case you didn t see my status update yesterday, I was busted reading this by a senior partner in my law firm while trapped on a crowded elevator and him looking over my shoulder right as the female lead was getting all soaped up in the tub No shit Since I have zero shame or ability to tell even the tiniest of white lies and since he clearly could already tell the answer , when asked what I was reading I told him the truth DYSTOPIAN PORN And then I went and lodged a formal complaint about how his question made me uncomfortable and was probably sexual harassment of some nature I keeeeeeed I keeeeeeed I did tell him the truth about what I was reading, though, because seriously DYSTOPIAN PORN I was ¼ Claimed ✓ Download by º Elle Kennedy Þ Claimed õ 1 Elle Kennedy Ý 5 StarsAll I wanted to read was a dystopian romance novel But the author had something different in mind Elle Kennedy Ý Her thought process must have been something along the lines of Hmmm, which books have been wildly popular in recent years Think Think Think Think someAh yeah, now I know Take a few components of the following dystopian novels Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, throw in a good measure of elements from Fifty Shades of Grey, minus the BDSM, plus m nage Elle Kennedy Ý et voil Claimed Aren t we lucky that she didn t think of A Song of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones We would have probably found a few dragons flying around Elle Kennedy Ý After about two chapters I thought Oh dear, please no because I ll try to stick to the plot without mentioning the sex who am I kidding , but seriously, I ll try Well, no, I wouldn t really call it a plot Let s see Elle Kennedy Ý We find ourselves in a world that was destroyed by ¼ Claimed ✓ Download by º Elle Kennedy ì Claimed » This was not at all what I expected when I picked it up I don t remember why I got this book, but it s been sitting on my shelf for a while and after I DNFed my last book I picked it up I expected dystopia, but really got smut It was dysmutia Elle Kennedy ✓ Our setting is post apocalyptic, after unnamed wars, global flooding, etc We have very few humans left, and of course they all live in a community with some evil government overlords They have embraced communism, because that always works out, and are ruled with an iron fist To keep population control, they only allow very few women to breed, and there is nomedical care because they feel like sickness and injury just help to weed out the weak It sounds like a magical placeBut, of course with every dystopia comes the dreaded outsiders The ones who live outside of their perfect society, in this case called Outlaws Makes sense, huh Since they are o ¼ Claimed ✓ Download by º Elle Kennedy ð Claimed é DNFing at 50% Elle Kennedy ð First there is a lot of sex A lot And I got bored I mean it s dirty and edgy but it was too much I needed to seegoing on in this dystopian world ALL Connor thought about was sex The dude needed some hobbies Elle Kennedy ð Also the world and characters felt a lot like Kit Rocha s Beyond series For me that was distracting I was constantly comparing the two in my head Elle Kennedy ð ¼ Claimed ✓ Download by º Elle Kennedy à Claimed ↠´ Before reading Claimed, I hadn t read any of Elle Kennedy s books She was one of the authors I had prejudged as being zero storyline beyond the erotica component Don t ask me what I based that opinion on because I can t rememberand because I couldn t remember, I took the hilarious Kelly s recommendation and finally checked it out Elle Kennedy Ë One thing I loved about this book is the strong dystopian post apocalyptic storyline Yes, the sexual content was generous and intense but it fit into the desperation of the world Ms Kennedy created and bumped the whole experience up a notch Plus it was just plain fun to read I would recommend Claimed to fans of story based erotica Through this reading experience I was reminded to never judge a book by its cover and never judge an authorperiod My favorite quoteThere is no tomorrow, Hudson Right now is all that matters Live in the moment, she murmure ¼ Claimed ✓ Download by º Elle Kennedy Ò Claimed ✓ 4 stars I ve only read Elle Kennedy s Off Campus series and I loved it so much I wanted to read some of her other books Claimed is nothing like those books It s an erotica dystopian read It was refreshing to read a different genre and I was hooked from the start Hudson and Connor live in a time where there are enforcers, city people, outlaws, and bandits There is population control and no one is safe Connor is an outlaw, along with his group of 4 other men When Hudson meets them, she is immediately attracted to Connor She also sees how strong they are and how many resources they have and want to join their group Hudson wants to feel safe She has been alone for a while, running from the enforcers She s got a big secret, too She knows telling Connor could change everything between them But all secrets eventually come out I listened to this book in ¼ Claimed ✓ Download by º Elle Kennedy Û Claimed Ú 2 Elle Kennedy Ý 5 starsI had an advantage going in, from friends reviews, I knew this was going to be a smutty time My favorite description comes from Jilly and her review where she coins the term dysmutia dystopia smut It fits this perfectly Apparently, the world has experienced some apocalyptic instances, I think from climate and nuclear bombs Apparently, the U Elle Kennedy Ý S coast line is now Utah Apparently, government as we know it is gone and it slike a main governed city full of city dwellers that follow the rules and enforcers that well, you get it, enforce the rules Outside the city are outlaws who don t want to follow the city rules Enforcers at first gave the outlaws a chance to conform but now they are just killing them Our heroine s brother is the leader of the enforcers and our hero wants the bro dead because he apparently killed his wife I use apparently and I think a lot because the ¼ Claimed ✓ Download by º Elle Kennedy

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