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ß Fulgrim Á I like the plot, the setting and the action, but the writing style is really starting to get on my nerves I ve mentioned this in previous reviews of volumes in this series, but the constant use of superlatives is really getting on my nerves It makes the writing melodramatic and over the top If everyone is perfect and everything is epic, then nothing is Good thing these are quick reads Graham McNeill ½ ↠´ read Fulgrim by Graham McNeill ↠´ ï Fulgrim ï I really tried to like this book but for me it had a lot of things going against it I ve never been a big fan of Graham McNeill but I thought he did a good job with False Gods In Fulgrim nothing works for me I think this book is about Fulgrim s fall into Chaos but since Fulgrim and the other Emperor s Children with the exception of Saul Tarvitz have been depicted as arrogant pricks in the previous stories they are not sympathetic characters Without sympathetic characters this fall from grace theme didn t resonate with me I found Ferrus Manus an interesting character but he plays a small role McNeill had a tough task with this fifth novel in the series Besides telling a story where most everyone knows the major plot points he also has to rehash events that were previous covered in the previous books in the series This concept ↠´ read Fulgrim by Graham McNeill ↠´ It Is The St Millennium, And Humanity Is At The Peak Of Its Powers As The Great Crusade, Led By Warmaster Horus, Continues To Conquer The Galaxy, Fulgrim, Primarch Of The Emperor S Children, Leads His Warriors Into Battle Against A Vile Alien Foe From The Blood Of This Campaign Are Sown The Seeds That Will Lead This Proud Legion To Treachery, Taking Them Down The Darkest Of Paths Of Corruption Leading Up To The Carnage Of The Dropsite Massacre On Isstvan V, This Is The Tale Of Fulgrim S Tragic Fall From Grace ✓ Fulgrim ¸ Fulgrim was an odd installment of the H Heresy for me There was some really good scenes and moments, but ultimately the sprawl of events characters and events was just to disconnected and jarring for me to enjoy There was little tension in Fulgrim s story as we mostly knew where it was going, and his corruption was too on the nose even for the unsubtle 40K universe Graham McNeill ¿ I had mixed feelings about Solomon, at first I thought here we go another honourable captain to be the good guy stand in while the rest of the crew fall to chaos but then really he just sort of floated around the outside of the story featuring less and less throughout It wasn t really a pleasing way to avoid a repetitive storyline Graham McNeill ¿ ↠´ read Fulgrim by Graham McNeill ↠´ Ü Fulgrim Õ McNeill delivers As always Well worth checking out Graham McNeill Õ ↠´ read Fulgrim by Graham McNeill ↠´ Ñ Fulgrim ☆ Similar to The Flight of the Eisenstein, which came before, Fulgrim begins some way prior to where the preceding novels ended, around the time of False Gods I believe, this time exploring the build up to the Heresy from the perspective of the Emperor s Children This book achieved a number of spectacular things 1 it gave me just a smidgeon of sympathy for Lord Commander Eidolon2 those rather silly sonic weapons now seem perfectly sensible3 the Emperor s Children are now number one in my Chapter s I d Like To See Given A Bloody Nose Somewhere Down The Line list4 I almost cried for Fulgrim s final moment of realisation and inevitable fallThere are a number of important characters here, some returning, some new, and with the same level of attention given ↠´ read Fulgrim by Graham McNeill ↠´ ☆ Fulgrim ä The best book in the series so far A brilliant tragedy Graham McNeill Ù ↠´ read Fulgrim by Graham McNeill ↠´ á Fulgrim á Well now I enjoyed Graham McNeill s last outing in the Horus Heresy False Gods , although found the pacing a little uneven at times Fulgrim, for me, shows a writer with an enormous amount of confidence McNeill has improved immeasurably on False Gods, and presents a novel that is truly epic in scope Graham McNeill Ä Fulgrim is structured brilliantly We re shown the Emperor s Children before the fall an exceptionally proud Legion searching for perfection in everything There are strong characters showcased as they look for the approval of their Primarch during this period of conquest Because we ve seen the Emperor s Children before the bloody campaign on the Laer worlds, it is all theheartbreaking to see the cracks appear Of course, anyone who currently games in the 40K universe will know the future of the Emperor s Children, but McNeill manages to inj ↠´ read Fulgrim by Graham McNeill ↠´

ä Fulgrim Þ The tale of the fall to Slaanesh of the III Legion is not just a book Graham McNeill À It is a tragedy, an epic and morbid tale about brotherhood, weakness, corruption, depravity and betrayal with echoes from Oscar Wilde s The Picture of Dorian Gray and Michael Moorcock s Stormbringer Graham McNeill s love for Elric was already shown for good in his fantasy books, but here is just over the top Graham McNeill À Still one of the best Horus Heresy novels after years, and my second read was far good than first one Graham McNeill À Great characters, two brothers gods of war at war, an unforgettable betrayal and massacre the Isvan V dropsite part is epic and chilling for real Graham McNeill À A Black Library novel with lots of horror and adult themes, but from a novel introducing the Chaos God Slaanesh also known as Dark Prince, the Prince of Pleasure, the Lord of Excess you can t wait for much less Graham McNeill À And the Maravig ↠´ read Fulgrim by Graham McNeill ↠´ ✓ Fulgrim ✓ After a near perfect run up until now, the fifth book In the Horus Heresy begins to show some cracks, chiefly around Graham McNeill s biggest stumbling block Characterisation At a whopping 512 pages, this is a story which is in no hurry to be told which would not be a problem if there was a central character to cling onto, instead there s absolutely no one to match up to the previous books heroes so we re stuck with Fulgrim For 512 pages Graham McNeill ↠´ The further problem with the Emperor s Children as a legion is that they re thoroughly dislikable a gaggle of dandys with a penchant for mass murder and Fulgrim isn t much better Perhaps it might have been better if The Iron Hands had been given greater prominence, but they re not and so when Ferrus Mannus finally cops it, it s harde to really care Graham McNeill ↠´ Thankfully, with those rather galring issues aside, this remains a great rea ↠´ read Fulgrim by Graham McNeill ↠´

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