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Mechanicum ✓ Of every Horus Heresy novel to date, I think I was looking forward to thisthan any Boy was I setting myself up for a huge disappointment Rather than the rise of the Dark Mechanicum and a massively draw out high tech war which is after all McNeill s raisen d etre , we get a plodding story which weaves several seperate strands together to knit an underwhelming whole Graham McNeill ↠´ Once again, we get one side told from the perspective of normal humans, something which is overdone by this point in the series and none so here as the humans are as dull and unengaging as it gets There s also the creation of a terrible war machine, a story which has already been told elsewhere and also the perspective of the Titan Legions which really is the only aspect which worked Graham McNeill ↠´ The guff about the Dragon of Mars was ridiculous and the final Ç Mechanicum Í Download by ¼ Graham McNeill Ä Mechanicum Ê We ve met several alien planets in the course of the series thus far but they ve never beenthan peripheral That s never been an issue as those brief impressions served their purpose Now, however, we re closer to home Mars Tens of millennia of history, second jewel in the crown of the Imperium an all that It s a shame that the book never quite captures the scale of the whole thing Functionally, this is a whole world at war and yet we see only minute snippets as we re given an endless list of interchangeable characters doing inconsequential things Graham McNeill Í The whole dragon subplot feels silly, especially the brief description of the Emperor being a knight on horseback slaying a dragon Okay, contextually it might make sense but it just feels daft That said, it s resolved in an interesting fashion, giving some hint as to the scope of the Emperor s designs Graham McNeill Í I admit that by the end Ç Mechanicum Í Download by ¼ Graham McNeill

Mechanicumbooks set in the Horus Heresy are consistently superbly written and full of pertinent historical background Mechanicum stays true to this formula Graham McNeill Ñ This book is enlightening in that it shows us the events of the Heresy of Mars It shows the close ties between the Fabricator General of Mars and Horus, the Warmaster It explains how the Chaos corruption spread and we witness the birth of the Dark Mechanicum and even found out the origin of that name Also the famed infamous Titan Legion Legio Mortis, now Heretic, makes an appearance Graham McNeill Ñ The war between the adepts is quite different from how the Astartes wage war It was a very interesting read about a pivotal moment in the Lore I won t spoil any of this excellent story nor shall I waste anyof your time than to say this is highly recommended for any Warhammer 40K fan Especially if you are interested in the Heresy period Ç Mechanicum Í Download by ¼ Graham McNeill É Mechanicum É This is Book Nine of the Black Library Horus Heresy series, the second novel of the series by Graham McNeill Graham McNeill É Thus far I have read the entire series The series is overall exceptional easily the best work but out by Black Library to date There have been a few small bumps along the road I point to Descent of Angels as the low point of the series as far as catching and holding my attention as well as staying true to the feel of the other books Graham McNeill É My favorites of the series so far are Flight of the Eisenstein by James Swallow and Legion by Dan Abnett My reasons The former is a standalone that neatly dove tails in to the previous novels the latter is a standalone that really challenged my own personal bias I ve always lo Ç Mechanicum Í Download by ¼ Graham McNeill É Mechanicum ¼ Good read, likable characters Possibly the first time I liked the normal humans in a story Up to this point what I have read about adepts etc Makes them all out as terrible not interesting characters This showed their true colors PI d recommend it to any heresy fan The ending left me smacking my head, and added some interesting ideas for my fan fiction D Ç Mechanicum Í Download by ¼ Graham McNeill ¼ Mechanicum ↠´ Knights and Titans and Skitarii and Ordinatus, oh my The many worlds of the Imperium feel similar, because they re all governed by the Administratum Mars is different It feels almost as alien as any xenos homeworld This is the first and last look we get of Mars at its zenith, before everything goes so very, very wrong Graham McNeill Ò Dalia Cythera was busy at work when she was struck by a strange idea Maybe I can improve this She is immediately accused of heresy and sentenced to be executed Adept Koriel Zeth intercepts Cythera, and takes her under her wing In her forge underneath Magma City, Zeth gathers her own band of nerds Their goal build the Akashic Reader With it, Zeth will gain the ability to know everything Graham McNeill Ò What the loyalists cannot know at the start of the book is that they are, in fact, loyalists Fabricator General Kelbor Hal made a deal with Warmaster Ç Mechanicum Í Download by ¼ Graham McNeill ↠´ Mechanicum ↠´ Lots of mindless Horus Heresy fun Graham McNeill ↠´ Ç Mechanicum Í Download by ¼ Graham McNeill Ä Mechanicum ✓ Second best Warhammer book I read and a solid 5 stars for a Warhammer novel Unfortunately, there are a lot of background information that are assumed to be known by the reader from the Warhammer universe, that I couldn t recommend the book to someone unfamiliar at least with some 40k elements Graham McNeill ☆ Ç Mechanicum Í Download by ¼ Graham McNeill As The Flames Of Treachery Spread Throughout The Imperium, Horus Plots To Subvert Or Destroy All Those Who Would Stand Against HimOn Mars, Home World Of The Mechanicum Priesthood, The Great Manufactory Cities Have Long Produced Much Of The Weaponry Required For The Expeditionary Fleets Across The Galaxy Making The World Invaluable To Whoever Controls It In The Coming WarNow, The Warmaster S Agents Begin To Stoke The Fires Of Rebellion, Turning The Loyalist Forges And The Mighty Titan Legions Against One Another And, With Whispers Spreading Of An Ancient Terror Lurking Beneath The Red Planet S Surface, The Dark Mechanicum Rises è Mechanicum ↠´ Another mildly enjoyable addition to the Horus Heresy series, which though I think Pulp Sci Fi fiction including Games Workshop, Star Wars, c has a place makes too many missteps which can t just be excused by the fact that these books are not meant to be fine literature I also wonder what the non initiated would make of this book I think it would be incomprehensible Once again, there was no need to tell this story from the point of view of some lowly humans, it would have been better to tell it from the main players At least this book did actually go into some detail about the Fabricator General s reasons for his defections to Horus but this needed to be explored indetail Why would he on purpose destroy so much of the accumulated knowledge of Mars, rather than, oh I don t know, steal it perhaps The addition of the background as to how t Ç Mechanicum Í Download by ¼ Graham McNeill

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